2 Ways to earn online money by Google Adsense

By | February 29, 2020

Hello Dear friends, welcome for this post today, today I want to tell you in this earning post that how you can earn online money from Google product.

Therefore Dear friends these days there is no one in this world who has not heard about Google. At present, if anyone have  to take any kind of information, then they choose and use Google. At this time Google is the world’s no. 1 company. All kind of information if we need is easily found on Google search.

If you want to earn money then you can make thousands and millions of money from Google by taking the little time. So if you also want to earn online money from Google, then check this post carefully because-

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Play this and see Magic

Now I am going to teach you about the two easiest ways to earn online money.

In Google – Two ways to earn online money: –

Blog bna ke  paise kamaye

YouTube channel se paise kamaye

Blog bna ke paise kamaye ?

Dears, Our first and easiest way is Make a Blog in Google. Because making blog is very easily and for free of coast. Google Blog works exactly like a pro website, if you create a website, then you have to spend a lot of money and other hand in making a blog you do not have to spend a single coin.

You know why Because Google’s platform  is absolutely free.

In Blogging you can earn 100$ a day.

At First go to – blogger.com,

then buy a domain in it,

write a regular article as your post. Then take AdSense Approvals.

When Google approved your blog, then you can put AdSense ads in it.

I you get more traffic you will earn.

YouTube channel banaye or paise kamaye

Dears this is the second way to earn money online by Google.

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