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Debt Fund vs Fixed Deposit – Which Investment Option is Right?

Fixed Deposit v / s Debt Fund – Even today most people in India do not know much about Investment Options like Share Market / Equity Market, Mutual Funds like Equity Mutual Funds , Debt Mutual Funds etc., so they believe that in Investment Options Investing in money is risky and there is a greater risk of loss of Invested Amount, as all… Read More »

What is Gold Loan – What is Loan Against Gold?

Just as a loan can be taken in exchange for Fixed Deposit, Property, Shares & Security , in the same way it can be taken in exchange for Gold . A Gold Loan is a type of Secure Loan , so to take such a loan Borrower has to mortgage some Goled Jewelery near the Bank or Non-Banking Financial Corporations (NBFCs) as a security. The securities can be in the form of Jewelery   and Gold… Read More »