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What is Adsense Auto Ads. How to setup it.

Google Adsense is very important for all bloggers to earn money from blogs because they can earn money from their blogs with this help. Those who are new about Adsense, then those people will not know what Adsense Auto Ads is. So in that post, we will tell about adsense auto ads and how it is setup,… Read More »

Why Start Blogging on WordPress?

If you are a new blogger, then do read this post once. Because I am going to share some information in it. If you  want to earn money from Blogging. So definitely read this post once. Must have heard the name of WordPress and why it is good in the content of blogging, then we will talk about it today,… Read More »

5 Benefits of Blogging on WordPress

WordPress is a huge blogging platform. And all bloggers make their own blog on WordPress, in this post today we will know what are the advantages of blogging on Wordpresa. If you ask anyone who blogs on wordpress. Are they easy to blogging on Blogger or is it easy to blogging on WordPress. So their answer will be… Read More »

What is WordPress complete information.

If you are a blogger then you will know what WordPress is, people who do not know, in this post, I will tell about what is WordPress. There are many platforms in blogging which is WordPress on 1st and Blogger on 2nd. In Sharuati, every new  blogger  starts blogging  from Blogger platform  only after that they come to WordPress. And those who do… Read More »

5 benefits of using Jetpack Plugin.

You must have heard about the Jetapck plugin on WordPress, and in today’s post, we will learn about the jetpack plugin, what is jetpack and why to use it. Jetpack is most commonly used. Almost all pro bloggers use the jetpack plugin and even use Jatpack. So let’s know. What is jetpack plugin? Jetpack Plugin is  made by  . It… Read More »